a) Absence during the term. Even for medical visits, students should make suitable arrangement so as not to disturb the school routine. The name of the students will be deleted from the school record if they are absent for six consecutive days, without prior permission.
If found with children, these will be confiscated and will not be returned. Parents are not allowed to go to the class rooms for any reasons. I they shall contact the principal in Case of any urgency. Parents are requested to ensure that their ward utilizes vacation period for studies and completing the home work.
In Case of marriage or any other family function, boarders should take permission otherwise absent is marked. Payment of Fee The name of the pupil will be struck off if fee is not paid for three :-
a) Consecutive months on first day of the fourth month. In case of late fees, a fine of Rs 100/- is charged for delay of each month. In case re-admission is considered the defaulters will pay all dues, I including admission fees.
c) Transfer Certificate- Parents should apply for TC on the prescribe form available at the school. TC is generally issued within 3 days on receipt of application form parents. Parent's Responsibility
b) School Rules Leave Students are not encouraged to make any request for leave.
a) Kindly ensure that your child attends school neatly, both in person and uniform. List of Uniform/articles required is given in Appendix. You are requested to regularly check the child's performance in academic and curriculum activities. Children are not supposed to get valuable to the school. The school accepts no responsibility whatever for loss of valuable brought to school. Please don't give electronic items (Mobile, MP3 player, etc.) to your ward.

Summer Vacation- May- June 40 days

Provides facilities for yoga and Swimming to bring out sportsmanship and Competitiveness, our school participate in Inter School, Zonal, regional and national level Competitions. Opportunities are given to The children to develop an all-round personality and become proficient in games and sports. House System All the Students of the school are divided into four Houses which are named as Ruby, Emerald, Topaz and Sapphire. Each house is looked after by a house master & Mistress and a team of tutors.  Chapatti making Machine' has been installed in the mess kitchen so as to maintain high standards of hygiene. I Supervised Study: There is a system of supervised study for duration of two hours in the Afternoon/ evening with a view to lay foundation for self-study. The teaching staff is engaged to supervise these students during the afternoon/evening preps which are conducted five times a week, special Remedial classes are organized for a weak students in the afternoons/zero periods. Apart from this, to provide additional Coaching are organized in Consultation with students. Experts in their fields are also Co-opted on required basis. I Medical Facilities the school has an MI room within the Campus where medical aid is provided. A Resident Nursing Assistant attends to sick report and urgent Cases are referred to Hospital. All students are subjected to a through medical checkup once a year. I Break and Vacations In addition to normal gazette holidays.,the school observes the following vacations breaks. This Concepts of houses provides opportunities for better Organization and healthy Competitions. Hostel the School hostel is situated in the residential area. The Complete hostel is divided into fine different hostel for boys and Girls Hostel. There are around 75 students in each house. A housemaster looks after the basic administration of his respective house. Each house has 2-seater, 4-seater and 8- seater rooms. a) Summer Vacation- May- June 40 days.  Each student in his/her respective dorm is provided with a bed, an almirah, a study table and a chair Generator power backup is provided for lights, fans and cold drinking water as and when required. Dorm-attendants look after the general cleanliness and laundry facilities of the boarder. Services of barber and Cobbler are provided in the hostel on regular basis. I C Mess Two well laid out dining halls with efficient mess staff supervised by the Mess supervisor, Caters to the meals of the boarders. The state of the art kitchen is well equipped with modern gadgets including a baking unit. Meals are prepared keeping in mind hygiene and balanced nutritious diet to meet I the requirement of children of all age groups. b) Autumn Break-Oct-Nov 10 days I Winter Break-Dec - Jan 10 days The School remains closed only for faculty members and students’ the office functions as usual and administrative staff observe only gazette holidays. Both vegetarian and non-Vegetarian food is provided to the boarders as per their choice. Teachers and duty also have their meals in the during hall along with the borders to include mess etiquettes. AMult-facility, Ultra - Modern kitchen A State of the art fully automatic

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