Visiting / Calling Hours Regular Parents• Teachers meeting is Organized on every Test

Shirt. Printed haft lived shirt with pocket on the left with and with school monogram Trouser-Red trouser with pocket on both side Shoes - Black leather with Bata shoes with black laces and black soles Tie and belt-School tie and belt I to X Dress- for both girls and boys.  a) Examination. Parents can also Visit their wards on second Saturday of the month from 1300 hrs. to 1700 hr. They can also interact with the teachers and house masters. Parents can call up their wards on weekdays from 20:45 hrs. to 22:00 hrs. And on Sundays & holidays from 1000 hrs. To 13:00, 14:00 to 17:00 hrs. And from 20:45 hrs. to 22:00 hrs. “Office Hours Summer: 11:00 to 1330 hrs. Winter: 12:00to 14:00 hrs. Parents are requested to Co-operate with school in maintaining discipline and following the norms of the school’s) Morbi pellentesque, turpis sollicitudin dictum aliquet, risus justo condimentum tortor, sed placerat nisl turpis at massa. Morbi ac enim commodo, mattis odio sit amet, faucibus mauris. In et facilisis lorem, quis fringilla erat. Nunc erat dui, volutpat ut leo quis, egestas mattis ipsum. Praesent ac rhoncus tortor. Duis et dolor tincidunt, ornare tortor eget, molestie massa. Curabitur sit amet cursus ligula. Sed ut massa eget nibh venenatis aliquet. b) Incentive only children getting above BI grade (70% marks) are allowed to go on a weekend once in a month. Discipline The aim of JDS International School is to produce disciplined pupil. The school reserves the right to expel any student on grounds of lack of progress in studies, normal activity or contempt of authority. The School will inform the parents regarding inappropriate behavior of the word with suggestion for parental action and support. Uniform Code Nursery to L.K.G. girls Frock - Red and Printed Color mixed simple frock with both side pocket (knee length) without box plated. Socks- White Cotton or nylon socks. Shoes- Black leather beta Ballerina Tie bow and belt-School tie, bow and school belt. I (Boys) dress code-Nur-L.K.G. I   Shirt - White printed mixed full shirt with pocket on one left side and with School monogram Trouser - Dark gray lerrycot trouser with pleats approximately 3.5" above upper edge of the knee. I tie and belt- School belt and School tie Shoes- Black Bata Shoes with black lace or sole Socks-Gray cotton socks

If found with children, these will be confiscated and will not be returned.Parents are not allowed to go to the class rooms for any reasons. I they shall contact the principal in Case of any urgency. Parents are requested to ensure that their ward utilizes vacation period for studies and completing the home work. Parents are requested to send their wards back to school. On due date after each Vacation/ break falling which the pupil would be fined Rs 100/-per day of absence. Parents are requested to read the student's diary regularly.

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